Delectable Choco Treat Gift Box

This gift box has:
• A Cadbury Gems (25.28g)
• A Cadbury Crispello (35g)
• A Cadburys 5 Star Chocolate (10g)
• A Snickers (22g)
• A Nestle Milky Bar Chocolate (12.5g)
• A Rola Cola (25g)
• Skittles (45g)
• Poppins (30g)
• 2 pcs Sour Punks (40g each)
• 2 pcs Magic Pops (5g each)

Treat yourself or a loved one to a delightful assortment of sweets with our Delectable Choco Treat Gift Box. Unwrap the colorful joy of Cadbury Gems (25.28g) and experience the crispy layers of Cadbury Crispello (35g). Delight in the classic taste of Cadbury 5 Star Chocolate (10g) and savor the nutty goodness of Snickers (22g). Enjoy the creamy delight of Nestle Milky Bar Chocolate (12.5g) and refresh your palate with the fizzy Rola Cola (25g). Taste the rainbow with Skittles (45g) and relish the chewy delight of Poppins (30g). Add a zesty twist to your treat time with 2 Sour Punks (40g each) and enjoy the crunchy magic of 2 Magic Pops (5g each). This carefully curated assortment promises a delightful mix of flavors and textures for a truly enjoyable snacking experience.

Price - Rs. 1320

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